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Honeybadger don't care... That says it all.

We are storytellers. Tales of failed dreams on lost chords. Dirty rhythms, dreamy vocals, shaping disappointment and mistakes into, in our opinion, something beautiful. Like black ball fouls from a badly chalked cue tip. Good intentions hammered into something timeless. Everything has been said and done before, we only chose for a different approach. Call it the Honeybadger approach, hoping we can forge our influences ranging back to the sixties, into a timeless shape. A form that can transcend time and space. Isn't that what music is all about?

Honeybadger to play an acoustic set at Groos, Wormer

Honeybadger will play acoustically at Cafe Groos on October 29th. Cold drinks, good food, awesome music, what more could you ask for?!

Honeybadger to play WormerLive and PrkPrty

Honeybadger will play the WormerLive festival on September 2nd and the PrkPrty festival on October 8th. Join us for what will be two awesome parties!


Honeybadger on Jottum Live Radio

Honeybadger will play on Jottum Live radio on September 14th. Tune in via their live stream, or even better, come and visit us at Jottum!

It's done!

Honeybadger's debut album "Mondays" is now available for purchase. Get your physical copy on cd at

Here is a review of Mondays, published by Noordhollands Dagblad.

If you'd prefer to use a streaming platform, the album is also available on several online streaming services. Please visit the Audio section for more information.


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